Hannah and Roy

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Our Story

Roy and Hannah met at the OK Corral February of 2019, while having drinks with Hannah’s sister Randi and her sister’s boyfriend Justin, who are good friends of Roy.
Later in April, they reconnected at the Red Bluff Round Up rodeo, where they spent the Saturday dancing, flirting and getting to know each other.
A few weeks later, Roy asked Hannah out on an official date in Oakland, where he was working at the time. They got lost going over the bay bridge, trying to get to the Buckhorn Grill for burgers and wine. They spent the night laughing and shared their life stories.
Roy asked Hannah’s parent’s permission to date her, and they became officially an item the night of her cousin’s wedding May 4th of 2019.
A magical summer was spent together, road trips, camping, a first time out of the country for both of them to Mexico, lots of food and music, farmers markets, fishing and date nights.
In August of 2019, again Roy asked Hannah’s parent’s permission, if she could move in with him, to which they said yes. Hannah had begun to move into Roy’s home in Millville, CA. the following month.
In September, Roy asked Hannah’s parents the final question, and on the 28th of that month, he took Hannah on a horseback ride for her birthday weekend. It was then they rode to an outlook on The Bonnie Craig Ranch, that had a view of Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta, where he asked her to spend forever with him, she of course, said yes (even though the horse tried to take off in the process).

They share their dreams, their morals, interests and friends. But most of all, a deeper love for each other than any one of them have ever experienced. Together they gather friends and family, to begin sharing the rest of their lives.
Petra Kern